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Hey guys! Looking for THE art contest for Environment Artists??

This is it:) The WORLDS Challenge just launched! Check all the details via the link below! Over $15000 in PRIZES.

Hey guys! made a video talking about what it's been like to retire from the gaming industry to work for my own company and how the process has gone!

Hey guys! Looking for THE big art contest to end 2016 and start 2017?

This is it:) Check all the details via the link below!

Hey guys!

No I am not dead! I've just been super busy with the business and life in general, but I'm working on a lot of cool stuff I'll get to share soon :D

The main point of this journal however is to announce I'll be going to Comikaze this year thanks to DA for getting me a table!

I got the news pretty late so I'm still scrambling to get everything ready especially since this is my first time but hopefully it'll all come to together before Friday and it'll be awesome!

Don't hesitate to come say hi if you'll be attending, I'll be in the artist alley. No clue which table yet, but it's one of those - M14, M16, M18, M20, M22, M24, by Stan Lee's signing booth! You shouldn't have a problem finding me! :D

You can find the floor plan for the even there

Here's the print menu. I got some REALLY nice prints for the event quality-wise, like, gallery nice.

Also, I'll be introducing a new painting, can you guess which? HehehhehehehehHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

Hope to see some of you guys there! Don't be shy, my wife always tells me I look intense but I'm just a normal geek :)
Oh sweet Jesus it's been a long time coming.

So excited to finally be launching the forums! There's a ton of stuff planned, challenges and contests to be had - it's going to be EPIC. Make sure you sign up if you don't already have a cubebrush account and get in there! 

Hey guys! I'm falling behind on updates here - lots of content I haven't posted - here's what I've been up to recently!!

Hey guys! 

Here's what's been happening in the past few days, new speedpaint and new tutorial! Hope you like :)

Hey guys! 

Here's a new tutorial I released today, along with some aerial shots from my trip to Anguilla, watch in 4K if you can!

Here's the link to the app in case you are looking for it!

Cheers bros & bras
Hey guys! Thought this might help a few, let me know what you think?

Hey guys!

Been gone for a few since I was getting married :D PS. It was awesome!!!

But now I'm back and This week will be busy! Here's a short demo of a new program I found that's awesome for artists - Colour Constructor.
Highly recommend you give it a shot, it's one of those essential tools every artist should have!

Hey guys, here's the tutorial and the speedpaint video for this week! Today I'm flying off for my big day, wish me luck :)

Hopefully I'll get to post a travel Vlog this Friday, look out for it!

Hi guys! Happy Friday, here's what I've been up to this week :)

Hey guys! Today my baby, Cubebrush, is turning 2 years old! I also just hit 200k subscribers on my YouTube channel so this seemed like a perfect time to host my biggest sale yet :D

Everything on my Cubebrush store is 50% OFF today only as a big thank you for all the support so far <3

If you grab something, let me know what you think of it! 

All the best!


Happy Monday guys, time for a new video!

Feel free to read the article here instead:…

Hope this helps some of you? :0

Cheers :D
Hey guys! Wishing you a great weekend, here are 2 new videos :0

I've been engaged with my fiance for about 2 years now and we're finally getting married on June 11... in the Caribbeans! More precisely the small island of Anguilla. Never been there so I'm really looking forward to it, but even more to marry my best friend, the mother of my kids and one hell of an animator (she used to work at Blizzard, where we met).

Anyways, I'm sure you guys will hear more about it around that time, so I'll spare you for now :D

Here are the vidz, hope you dig!

Hey guys! Happy Monday, here's what I've been up to lately :D

Mei's always fighting in the cold and wearing a million layers to keep warm, I figured she needed a day off. 

My first Blizzard fanart in over 10 years haha that's something :)

Mooooore vids :D

Hey guys! Here's what I've been working on this week so far :)